This past holiday, our fabulous Gupeteer Nick Fabin made some exciting new Gup Gup creations for his young nephews and cousins. Unlike his usual method of painting and gluing all kinds of stuff to the Gups, Nick created vector designs in Adobe Illustrator, then transferred them using transparent stickers. He first painted the Gups a base color with acrylic paints, then transferred the stickers using heat from a blow dryer to ease the transfer process. Next he covered them in a spray varnish to seal the artwork — and to make them invincible! (And by invincible, he means able to withstand grubby little hands playing with them!)

As you can see, Nick created one design (of this crazy four armed alien beast carrying a little beasty) and altered the colors to make three different versions.

He did the same with this robot design to make a rusty steam punk version and two slick silver versions.

And last but not least, a flattering portrait of his brother-in-law.