These days there seems to be a constant flow of Gup Gups coming out of the Wonder Workshop (facilitated by the Gup-enthusiast, Nick Fabin) inside Smock Cafe, Toronto, ON. Feast your eyes on the some recent Gup Gup creations!

A unique request to help create a Selena Gomez Gup came across Nick’s craft table the other day by the ambitious Ferrin.

Here are two demon Gup Gups AND the twin tin woodsman/robot/cyber-gnomes, created by Rye and Tao.

This Gup Gup started out as an attempt to make a polar bear, but some might say it just turned into pure fluffy cuteness!

Behold! Here are some amazing creations from a week long summer camp held by Nick Fabin at Smock Cafe. The “Gup Gup Islands” workshop focused naturally on making Gup Gups, but the artists also moved on to making cardboard buildings, structures, islands, cars, boats, spaceships, and anything they could think up. The young artists were aged between 4 and 12 years old and they all excelled in making some amazing Gup Gups along with the magical in which they live..

Here is the view of the entire world upon completion.

An eccentric millionaire with his daughter and the crazy rainbow mustache mansion that they live in, created by Rachel (age 12).


A “cyborg zombie” and a monster from another dimension and their respective island residences complete with rooftop patio and campfire – created by Zach (age 7).

Another crazy “cyborg zombie” in his spacecraft and an adorably ferocious island yeti both created by Ferris (age 4).

Meet the mayor of the Gup Islands (and his pet llama) with his futuristic three-eyed bodyguard (and his pet squirrel), and an awesome “footballer” in his playing field – created by Kolia (age 8).

Here are two of the fanciest Gup Gups in the islands–one on her rooftop patio, and the other on his private island – created by Adelaide (age 4).

And last but not least, the gnarly old sea captain on his house boat and in his speed boat-car, created the instructor of the workshop, Nick Fabin (age 28).

Stay tuned for the trailer for the upcoming box office smash, The Gup Gup Islands.

Here are some selections from a “Gup Gups Zoo” workshop held by Nick Fabin at Smock Cafe, Toronto, ON.

A creative interpretation of  a “Moose” made by Poloma!

“Priscilla The Gorilla” made my Dana.

A Tiger and a Panther made by Emma and David.

“The Great Canadian Bat-Beaver” by Nick Fabin!

Feast your eyes on some Gup Gups made by children of varying ages during drop-in craft sessions at Smock Cafe In Toronto, ON. Here are some wacky extraterrestrial Gup Gups!

A “Zombie” Gup with a “Devil in a Business Suit” lurking in the distance!

A totally zany Gup creation who does not have a name, and his/her fuzzy butterfly pet!


Otto Björnik has sent us pictures of his latest Mini Gup Gup DIY Custom, and we’re thrilled to have the chance to share them here with you. As always, we’re blown away by Björnik’s talent and skill! I mean, just look at that line work!!! If you were hoping to pickup this one of kind work of art, you’re out of luck as it has already found a home, but if you’re into more Otto Björnik art magic, check out his site and his online store at


Behold, the stunning results from a Gup Gups workshop held by Nick Fabin at Chester Elementary School, Toronto, Ontario! Here is the display table we set up for an “Arts Alive” evening with students and parents that consists of  60 student made Gup Gups and some of their preproduction drawings.

Here are some close ups of original designs and some hilarious Gup Gups fan-art of their favorite popular characters.

…and finally, a giant Gup Gup named “The Cotton Candy Gorilla,” made by Nick Fabin.

A little while ago we did a Gup Gups art workshop with the wonderful students at West Point Grey Academy. It was an absolute blast and the students were amazing. Checkout the awesome DIY Mini Gup Gups below by the very talented Joanne!

Gnome Gup has gone for an adventure in Iceland!  Here’s a little tease of the sites Gnome Gup has seen. The beautiful photos and this lovely custom are all by the very talented Nick Fabin.



We donated some prizes to Toysrevil for their latest contest. Checkout the images here.

We’re glad to be back after our little break, and we’re even more excited to show a new DIY by the phenomenally talented Nick Fabin! Lots more exciting news to come from Gup Gups, so comeback soon to check out a preview of some new super limited editions.

Wolfie Gup Gup by Nick Fabin