Here is the proof that Gup Gup evolution exists: the brand new advanced creations from Gup Gup artist, Nick Fabin.

“The spirit of Halloween compelled me to create the Jack-O-Lantern Gup Gup! I created this by adding polymer clay to the top of the head, cutting the face shapes with an exacto knife, cutting the entire body in half and inserting an electric candle inside (which I can turn on and off because I cut a hole in the bottom of the foot) and gluing it back together. I really thought outside of the box on this one.

“This was a birthday gift for my three year old neice, Halo, who LOVES Strawberry Shortcake. First ,I took the character design of the new generation of Strawberry Shortcake characters, and made new member of the gang in Gup Gup form, Pineapple Smoothie.”


“Here is a gift for my buddy Jon. I made him a portrait of a custom super hero named ‘Hawk Beard’ in Photoshop, then it became time for Hawk Beard to become Gup-a-fied (using paint, Ploymer clay, faux fur, and feathers).”

“Here is a birthday gift for my lovely wife, Ashley, who has a large admiration for whales! This Gup Gup was the first experiment with using Polymer clay applied directly to the Gup Gup, then baked, then painted with acrylic paint.”