We’re happy to welcome Nick Fabin onboard as our Toronto Workshop Coordinator! If you’ve been following our blog, you know that Mr. Fabin both creates brilliant custom Gup Gups and he’s also been running inspiring workshops at the Smock Cafe in Toronto.

Here’s Nick Fabin’s Latest post:

“In the time that I have been an art facilitator at Smock Cafe, I have had the time and resources to create some pretty exciting Gup Gup customs of my own!”

“This was a gift for my two cousins, who have been nicknamed “Spoony” and “Forky.” ¬†Behold, The Spoon King and the Fork Queen from Planet Delicioso!”

“I was inspired by all the fake flower parts we have at Smock, so I created this very flowery potted Gup Gup for my sister-in-law, Liv.”

“And last but not least, here is the adorable “Bride and Groom” Gup Gup couple, presented to my dear friends, Chris and Lauren at their wedding.”