Behold! Here are some amazing creations from a week long summer camp held by Nick Fabin at Smock Cafe. The “Gup Gup Islands” workshop focused naturally on making Gup Gups, but the artists also moved on to making cardboard buildings, structures, islands, cars, boats, spaceships, and anything they could think up. The young artists were aged between 4 and 12 years old and they all excelled in making some amazing Gup Gups along with the magical in which they live..

Here is the view of the entire world upon completion.

An eccentric millionaire with his daughter and the crazy rainbow mustache mansion that they live in, created by Rachel (age 12).


A “cyborg zombie” and a monster from another dimension and their respective island residences complete with rooftop patio and campfire – created by Zach (age 7).

Another crazy “cyborg zombie” in his spacecraft and an adorably ferocious island yeti both created by Ferris (age 4).

Meet the mayor of the Gup Islands (and his pet llama) with his futuristic three-eyed bodyguard (and his pet squirrel), and an awesome “footballer” in his playing field – created by Kolia (age 8).

Here are two of the fanciest Gup Gups in the islands–one on her rooftop patio, and the other on his private island – created by Adelaide (age 4).

And last but not least, the gnarly old sea captain on his house boat and in his speed boat-car, created the instructor of the workshop, Nick Fabin (age 28).

Stay tuned for the trailer for the upcoming box office smash, The Gup Gup Islands.