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This past holiday, our fabulous Gupeteer Nick Fabin made some exciting new Gup Gup creations for his young nephews and cousins. Unlike his usual method of painting and gluing all kinds of stuff to the Gups, Nick created vector designs in Adobe Illustrator, then transferred them using transparent stickers. He first painted the Gups a base color with acrylic paints, then transferred the stickers using heat from a blow dryer to ease the transfer process. Next he covered them in a spray varnish to seal the artwork — and to make them invincible! (And by invincible, he means able to withstand grubby little hands playing with them!)

As you can see, Nick created one design (of this crazy four armed alien beast carrying a little beasty) and altered the colors to make three different versions.

He did the same with this robot design to make a rusty steam punk version and two slick silver versions.

And last but not least, a flattering portrait of his brother-in-law.

We’re happy to welcome Nick Fabin onboard as our Toronto Workshop Coordinator! If you’ve been following our blog, you know that Mr. Fabin both creates brilliant custom Gup Gups and he’s also been running inspiring workshops at the Smock Cafe in Toronto.

Here’s Nick Fabin’s Latest post:

“In the time that I have been an art facilitator at Smock Cafe, I have had the time and resources to create some pretty exciting Gup Gup customs of my own!”

“This was a gift for my two cousins, who have been nicknamed “Spoony” and “Forky.”  Behold, The Spoon King and the Fork Queen from Planet Delicioso!”

“I was inspired by all the fake flower parts we have at Smock, so I created this very flowery potted Gup Gup for my sister-in-law, Liv.”

“And last but not least, here is the adorable “Bride and Groom” Gup Gup couple, presented to my dear friends, Chris and Lauren at their wedding.”

Otto Björnik has sent us pictures of his latest Mini Gup Gup DIY Custom, and we’re thrilled to have the chance to share them here with you. As always, we’re blown away by Björnik’s talent and skill! I mean, just look at that line work!!! If you were hoping to pickup this one of kind work of art, you’re out of luck as it has already found a home, but if you’re into more Otto Björnik art magic, check out his site and his online store at


A little while ago we did a Gup Gups art workshop with the wonderful students at West Point Grey Academy. It was an absolute blast and the students were amazing. Checkout the awesome DIY Mini Gup Gups below by the very talented Joanne!

Gnome Gup has gone for an adventure in Iceland!  Here’s a little tease of the sites Gnome Gup has seen. The beautiful photos and this lovely custom are all by the very talented Nick Fabin.



We’re glad to be back after our little break, and we’re even more excited to show a new DIY by the phenomenally talented Nick Fabin! Lots more exciting news to come from Gup Gups, so comeback soon to check out a preview of some new super limited editions.

Wolfie Gup Gup by Nick Fabin



Every once in a while, we like to feature the work of a very talented artist from our Gup Gups community. Today, I’m pleased to show off the amazing Kai! Kai is six years old and this is his first protrait of Gup Gup! Thanks Kai!!!

Every once in a while we like to check in with some of the amazing artists that have collaborated with us on Gup Gups to see what new, fantastic creations they’ve come up with. Today, we take a peak at some of the new pieces by Matthew Andres. Matthew comes from a background in animation and design, two incredibly fast pace industries, so it’s nice to see how his personal work slows time down and revels in the joyful process of creation.

The Designing Gup Gups Competition we held with Toysrevil a few months ago introduced us to a lot of talented artists and extremely cool people. Going through the many amazing entries, we often wished we had the opportunity to get to know each artist better; so, we were greatly appreciative when Zaldy Serrano agreed to take part in our Artist Feature Interview Series. Zaldy is an Art Director and Illustrator based in Northern California who entered several inspired designs for Gup Gups. Checkout the interview below to find out more about Zaldy’s path to becoming a professional artist.

GG: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and how you developed your artistic style?

ZS: I grew up in Hawaii loving comic books. I was a big fan of art and dreamed of breaking into the comic book industry. After having my work shot down at a convention, I decided to exchange those dreams for a practical career. I enrolled in an architectural drafting program at a community college in Honolulu. My professor noted that I wasn’t cut out to be a draftsman, but recognized that I had an aptitude for illustration. He urged me to switch over to the graphic arts program. Out of spite, I decided to follow through, and recieved my draftng degree, but enrolled into the graphic arts program soon after. I was able to nurture my illustration skills and also fell in love with graphic design. After graduating, I worked at a local design firm. My collegues at the firm introduced me to the work of Lucille Tenazas, a renowned graphic designer who resided in San Francisco and taught at CCAC (The California College of the Arts and Crafts). I admired her work and philosophy. I eventually left Hawaii to attend CCAC and took one of Lucille’s classes. While at CCAC, I was also fortunate to enroll in an illustration class taught by Barron Storey, who inspired many contemporary illustrators in the comic book industry. His passion and tenacity for art making greatly influeneced me. After graduating with a BFA in design, I was fortunate to get a design position at Lucille’s studio. Five years later, I took on the Art Director position at KQED, a public broadcasting affiliate for Northern California, which is where I’m currently employed. Now, I find myself wanting to make another attempt at comic books. I’ve been exploring ways to fuse Illustration with graphic design with hopes of developing my own personal aesthetic.

GG: Who were the major influences in your artistic growth?

ZS: Lucille Tenazas mentored my development in design. I also admired illustrators, Barron Storey, Bill Sienkiewicz, Simon Bisley and Jim Lee. Dave Mckean is someone I tried to emulate early on. Dave’s work is an exquisite fusion of illustration and graphic design. Currently, Ashley Wood is another illustrator / designer that I hold in high regard.

GG: What do you do when you are looking for inspiration?

ZS: I am in constant awe with patterns, forms and rhythm that occur in nature. The designs that I recently submitted for Gup Gups was directly inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s “Art Forms in Nature.”

GG: What would your dream art project be?

ZS: I’ve actually been working on a personal mythology entitled “Vizjhanti.” It’s an allegorical story that I’ve been developing since high school, which I hope to someday produce as a graphic novel.

GG: What is it that you like best about Gup Gups?

ZS: Gup Gups provide a great platform that allows a symbiotic relationship between art and “canvas.” The Gup Gup character has a life of its own, but is distilled enough in form, for the application of one’s own individual expression.

GG: If you have any advice to new artists, what would it be?

ZS: I often find myself getting hung up questioning the relevance of my art and wondering how it will be received by the public. It takes courage to move beyond that. My advice: Take that leap and revel in the process as much as the finished art itself.

To see more of Zaldy’s work, checkout the link below:


Fresh out of Sweden, checkout Rickard Johansson’s Bearly Gup! For more amazing pictures head on over to