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To get us in the spirit for the Halloween Season, we held a little craft get together…really, any excuse to make a mess and have some fun will do. Special thanks to Lei, Kaeley, Meghan, Jacob, Nick, K, and Lena for their most crafty Gup Gups customs!!!

A flurry of crafting madness!


Nick Fabin’s Burlesque Gup!


Kaeley hard at play!


Lei’s first Gup!


Jacob’s Zombie Gup with snack!


Here are the latest work-in-progress images of our latest studio Gup Gup custom. Last week you saw where the first customization session go us to, and below are the results from the last session. Just a little note that in order to get the watercolour paint to stick, the blank DIY Mini was primed with Citadel White Spray Primer manufactured by Games Workshop.



Checkout the New Value Bundles in the Online Store!!! Get a two pack of DIY Mini Gup Gups for $9.95 USD or a three pack for $12.95 USD! Each bundle ships for the same shipping cost as just one ini Gup Gup.

Gup Gup and Nemesis have decided to learn magic. So first things first, they got dressed up!

The lovely people at Vinyl Pulse have done a delightful write-up on Gup Gups! Check it out here.

Gup Gups love to travel, explore and make new friends! Checkout these two DIY Mini Gup Gups in beautiful Mexico. Photo courtesy of Lei Shen and Jacob Krarup.

Are you ready for Chinese New Year? Gup Gup sure is!¬†Gup Gups has a lot in store this year, and we’re incredibly excited. Keep watching this space for all our latest updates.

From everyone at Gup Gups, a sincere and heartfelt thanks for your support.

Have a happy and prosperous year of the bunny!!!



Here’s the full reveal of our Hong Kong Limited Edition Mini Gup Gup! This little guy went on sale at our Hong Kong Launch but a few will be available with the launch of our online store.

We’d just like to give a big, heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out for our Hong Kong Launch! The support was amazing and we are truly touched. Images will be uploaded soon, but right now, Gup Gup needs a recovery nap.