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Feast your eyes upon these awesome Gup Gups that pay homage to our favorite fantasy characters! These fanatstic creations were made at the “Gup Gup Fan Art” workshop at Smock Cafe, Toronto, ON.

BAM! POW! WOW! Batman and Superman created by Ryder!

My precious…my precious Gup Gups! Bilbo Baggins and Gollum made by Liam!

Pzzzzt….Vrrrt….Dr. Who and a Dalek created by Liam!

And last but not least, a Totoro made by the workshop instructor, Nick Fabin.



Behold! Here are some new Gup Gup creations made during the first session of the “Gup Gup Winter Workshop Series” at Smock Cafe, Toronto, Ontario.

Here is a strange ancient alien warrior Gup Gup created by Zak.

Here is an even stranger alien warrior with a massive sword made by Faris.

Here is some sort of fluffy white bunny-beast with mystical powers and no arms, created by Liam.

Here is a an artistic interpretation of Gandalf the Grey made by Drew.

And finally, here is a scary tree monster created by May.

Stay tuned for more creations from the “Gup Gup Winter Workshop Series” at Smock Cafe, Toronto, ON.

The following are Gup Gup creations from the Lower Elementary students of High Park Gardens Montessori in Toronto, Ontario. Much like the “Gup Gup Islands” summer workshop at Smock Cafe, these creative kids also constructed a Gup Gup village to house their new creations. Enjoy!

On Tuesday, October 23rd, Nick Fabin invited some friends/band members of the local samba band Samba Elegua to a very special Gup Gup crafting party!

Here is a “self-portrait” of the lovely bell playing extraordinaire, Jess Duarte.

Here is a creative interpretation of a mexican skull Gup Gup by Adam Kafal.

Here is a very sexy and possibly the most risque Gup Gup ever created, brilliantly executed by Sandra Riml. Note: These might be the first Gup Gup high heels ever made!

Here is what was produced when Jess Duarte said, “Im just gonna go abstract with this one.”  We all thought he came out very reminiscent of a Dr. Suess character.

Here is a portrait of one of my favorite Hip-Hop artists, MF DOOM, made by myself, Nick Fabin.

And lastly, a shot of the whole gang together (including the half-finished Goran Gup Gup, made by Sterling)!

On Wednesday October 24th, Nick Fabin held a Halloween themed workshop entitled ”Goulish Gup Gups,” which turned out to be a pumpkin smashing success!

Behold: A “Pumpkin-headed Farmer” made by Willow!

Beware! A creepy “Mummy” made by Saskia!

Be afraid of this spooky “Skeleton Girl” made by Millie!

Here is the proof that Gup Gup evolution exists: the brand new advanced creations from Gup Gup artist, Nick Fabin.

“The spirit of Halloween compelled me to create the Jack-O-Lantern Gup Gup! I created this by adding polymer clay to the top of the head, cutting the face shapes with an exacto knife, cutting the entire body in half and inserting an electric candle inside (which I can turn on and off because I cut a hole in the bottom of the foot) and gluing it back together. I really thought outside of the box on this one.

“This was a birthday gift for my three year old neice, Halo, who LOVES Strawberry Shortcake. First ,I took the character design of the new generation of Strawberry Shortcake characters, and made new member of the gang in Gup Gup form, Pineapple Smoothie.”


“Here is a gift for my buddy Jon. I made him a portrait of a custom super hero named ‘Hawk Beard’ in Photoshop, then it became time for Hawk Beard to become Gup-a-fied (using paint, Ploymer clay, faux fur, and feathers).”

“Here is a birthday gift for my lovely wife, Ashley, who has a large admiration for whales! This Gup Gup was the first experiment with using Polymer clay applied directly to the Gup Gup, then baked, then painted with acrylic paint.”


Take a look at the new Gup Gup creations made by kids of all ages at Smock Cafe (Toronto, ON)!

The Lion King (complete with his crown) + The Lion Queen (even though she has a mane) = A pair of adorable royal lions!

Didn’t know that Gup-mice wear jewelry? You do now…

Maybe it’s a “Gup-Zombie.” Maybe its a “Gup-Frankenstein’s Monster.” You be the judge…

And last but not least, a Gup Gup version of the Pokemon, “Torterra”  turns out to be a very unique Gup creation!




Treat your senses to the amazing movie trailer for “Gup Gup Islands” created at the Gup Gup summer camp at Smock Cafe. Experience the mystery! Experiece the majesty! Prepare to get Gupped!

Gup Gup Islands

A special thanks goes out to Kolya and Samantha.

These days there seems to be a constant flow of Gup Gups coming out of the Wonder Workshop (facilitated by the Gup-enthusiast, Nick Fabin) inside Smock Cafe, Toronto, ON. Feast your eyes on the some recent Gup Gup creations!

A unique request to help create a Selena Gomez Gup came across Nick’s craft table the other day by the ambitious Ferrin.

Here are two demon Gup Gups AND the twin tin woodsman/robot/cyber-gnomes, created by Rye and Tao.

This Gup Gup started out as an attempt to make a polar bear, but some might say it just turned into pure fluffy cuteness!

Behold! Here are some amazing creations from a week long summer camp held by Nick Fabin at Smock Cafe. The “Gup Gup Islands” workshop focused naturally on making Gup Gups, but the artists also moved on to making cardboard buildings, structures, islands, cars, boats, spaceships, and anything they could think up. The young artists were aged between 4 and 12 years old and they all excelled in making some amazing Gup Gups along with the magical in which they live..

Here is the view of the entire world upon completion.

An eccentric millionaire with his daughter and the crazy rainbow mustache mansion that they live in, created by Rachel (age 12).


A “cyborg zombie” and a monster from another dimension and their respective island residences complete with rooftop patio and campfire – created by Zach (age 7).

Another crazy “cyborg zombie” in his spacecraft and an adorably ferocious island yeti both created by Ferris (age 4).

Meet the mayor of the Gup Islands (and his pet llama) with his futuristic three-eyed bodyguard (and his pet squirrel), and an awesome “footballer” in his playing field – created by Kolia (age 8).

Here are two of the fanciest Gup Gups in the islands–one on her rooftop patio, and the other on his private island – created by Adelaide (age 4).

And last but not least, the gnarly old sea captain on his house boat and in his speed boat-car, created the instructor of the workshop, Nick Fabin (age 28).

Stay tuned for the trailer for the upcoming box office smash, The Gup Gup Islands.